Good news

I mentioned on Tuesday that I had some good news that was potentially better news. Well, good news! It’s the better news!

Best Buy/Geek Squad offered me a full time job with more pay and benefits. So…that’s pretty awesome. Michaels has, ironically, been dragging me down so much that crafting has seemed more a chore than a delight. Since my interviews started with Best Buy, I have already been feeling more creative. I have a lot of things in the works right now for Christmas and birthdays, but I can’t always post in case people read and find out what their surprise is!

Suffice it to say, as I make more generic gifts/crafts in the coming months, I’ll be posting more. For instance: apple butter, mini loaves, cards, etc. I am also looking into making a rosary.

Then there’s NaNoWriMo! I have been preparing for that for a while, so there’s not much for me to do now except wait to write.

And finally, I’ve decided to retake the GRE, since they revised it last year. My previous scores also reflect on a Polymath who had only slept for about 3 hours the night before. No bueno. So I am studying for that, as I type. Well, you get the picture.

That’s about all I have. My plan for today is to get some analytical writing practice in and 10 more trivia cards for Eric’s bday game. That is next week! Aghhhh!