(Originally from: The Grillo Pad)My Son Is

My dad’s insights on being the father of a boy with cerebral palsy. Not to brag, but my dad gets paid for his words. And awards. He and mom are also full time parents for my bro, so they’re kind of a big deal.

Notes from the Grillo Pad

Random thoughts on the most important boy that I know in the waning weeks of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month:

My son is a constant loop in my thought track.

My son is the boy you can hear from outside the house or the room, making sounds that seem to have no form.

My son is quiet, sometimes for hours at a time.

My son spends most of his time inside, in his wheelchair or on the floor, watching movies, listening to music or stories, making fancy moves, playing with me.

My son is the boy with clenched hands, held up in the air as if in protest, tight hands that close like vice grips because the part of his brain that says “let go” is on sabbatical.

My son stands out in a crowd even though he can’t stand by himself.

My son was diagnosed as an infant with spastic…

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