An empty apology

I signed in on a whim. I haven’t bothered to go back and see when my last post was because I feel confident it would only be another log to add to a fire of guilt over my lack of posts. 

For Valentine’s Day, I set up an account for my husband to promote his games and miniatures painting, and he’s been (mostly) diligently posting once a week. And I’m supposed to be the writer in our house.

I guess I could blame the weather – worst Michigan winter on the books according to some. I could say that starting a new job has been hectic. Working in transportation makes it doubly difficult, given said weather. Maybe it’s a malaise or lack of sleep or not crafting…

In reality, I’ve just been otherwise occupied. We’ve painted three rooms in our house, put in “raised” beds for a garden, extended our patio and built a fire pit, ran a 5k, and sold some goods at a comic convention up North. I’ve enrolled in classes to pursue a second degree. I made a dress form. I made decorations for the house, and we made a handful of little gifts for Christmas. I put together a creative year of dates a la Pinterest, and I have made some delicious dinners and desserts. I’ve been making and baking like a fool. I even have pictures.

But I’ve not bothered to write any of it down, at least not where others can enjoy learn from reading about my mistakes.

So I’m sorry about that, I guess. I will certainly try to keep writing and sharing my stories – I have plenty to share at this point – at least more frequently that I have been.