The snow is snowing

It has been snowing this weekend – lake effect, of course, none of that easily-predicted crap that most of the state/country gets.

I really want to be angry about it; I want to rail against the nerve of Lake Michigan to make it snow so close to Thanksgiving and travel time and etc, but I can’t actually be bothered to. I’m looking outside, and it looks peaceful and quiet, and I feel kind of awkward and, well, American, about yelling at it. Michigan doesn’t shut down over the snow; I’m coming to accept that.

It might make holiday travel a little cumbersome (once I determine the plan. Kind of down to the wire on that), but honestly…I’m over it. I am over it. I can’t stop the lake from pushing that cold air around, and even if I could, I wouldn’t be getting the experience that will turn me into a winter-hardened mid-westerner, with the work ethic and bone structure to match. Ok…so maybe I won’t be changing my bone structure, but I could do with feeling a bit hardier.

Today I have a mission, anyway: Pumpkin. Chocolate chip. Cookies.

Eric and I used to buy them all the time at the QFC down the street from our apartment in Seattle this time of year (sans snow and below freezing temperatures, of course), and I want to reclaim a little bit of that, I think.

I will try to remember to take pictures this time, too. 🙂

Published by Polymath @ The Safin Hold

Hi. I live in Michigan, but I'm from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Arkansas (no, not an Army brat). I live with my husband and our cats, Cirilla and Dandelion. I'm a bonafide Salesforce Admin & Marketo Certified Expert. I like to craft. I like to cook. I like to eat and drink. I like to laugh. I like comic books and video games and sci-fi. I like a whole lot of things, and chances are, I will like you! I've also been a lot of things, like a 9-1-1 dispatcher, a teacher, and for a while I wrote obituaries. Right now I am a Salesforce Consultant! Who knew? Friends?

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