Time to get creative

In reading my blog lately, you may have noticed I talk a lot about changes and changing and things going downhill and all that. Without going into details, I’ll just say that, after buying the house, I moved into an apartment. I think that sentence is enough to express the heaviness and sadness and confusion and everything else in my life right now without the need to expand at all. Let’s just say that life lately has not been exactly ideal.

If I thought I didn’t feel like creating before, that was a joke. Daily life is at times a struggle. My kitchen wallows in a state of half-cleaned and half-used. I’m living primarily on frozen dinners and uninspired leftovers, and my craft room (one of the three rooms in my apartment…total) is in a state of disarray that makes a hurricane-stricken town look put-together.

But today I made a brownie.


Brownie in a cup

I got the recipe here.

I made a brownie because what I wanted was a chocolate chip cookie, but all of my chocolate chips are at the house. So I got creative.

Yes, things are changing, and yes, things are hard right now, but I feel confident that there will come a day in the future when I’m able to brush the dust off the sewing machine and get back to making things.