Winter is coming

I grew up in Georgia, and the one winter I spent in Pennsylvania was their mildest on record (at the time. Not sure where it stands now). When I was ready to spread my wings and fly North for 2 years of summer, I was in Seattle, which is a temperate city. Granted, we had a few days of below-freezing temperatures while I was there, but nothing that lasted more than a week. After that was Arkansas.

The mornings are starting to get colder already.

I am going to need to find some motivation for something other than mindlessly surfing the web and exploring the new, fancy tv we got. In order to maintain some semblance of sanity, I will need to find activities…other than those that I just mentioned. The obvious avenue to take is crafting; so why can’t I get motivated to put down this laptop, turn off the tv, and pick up those knitting needles for another go?

I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe when winter is here, the desperation from the cold weather might drive me to the craft room again. In the mean time, I seem perfectly fine with just wasting away my mental capacity.

In my defense, I spent some time applying for jobs and cleaning…so…I’m not entirely useless, I guess is what I’m saying.



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