Stairs hurt

So…I lied about being patient and reading and learning before canning. This weekend, Eric and I went and bought the final supplies for our canning adventures.

And then we made peach-honey butter.

Here are some things we learned:

1. We were given two pressure cookers, which is awesome, but unnecessary for things like jams and pickles. They will be necessary for things like green beans.

2. It is a good idea to have two people working at once. Eric was in charge of jars, and I was in charge of cooking.

3. Canning is really just making a really big batch of something, and then doing the right things to preserve that something. For some stuff, the recipes aren’t that different.

4. Always sterilize more jars than you think you will need! We had to quickly clean and cook two more jars when I realized I had more peach butter than we expected.

We got four jars and a little extra that we have already eaten. That means 4 gifts made! We are taking one with us to Ohio this weekend when we visit some friends.

It was super fun!

And now I’ve got the bug. Eric wants to pickle. I want to make everything and save it. I believe we’ve created yet another monster.

I don’t usually do memes, but when I do…

I am being overwhelmed with craft ideas. And when that happens, I usually end up sitting on the couch doing nothing. Much like I am doing now. Except I have an excuse today.

While carrying the multiple boxes of jars downstairs, gravity decided to bring up an old argument. Luckily I wasn’t carrying jars by then – just one of the very light cookers – but I was, alas, on the stairs. So I am nursing a twisted ankle, sore leg, and bruised back.

What can I can for that?

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