What does a crafter do on her day off?

Most mornings I wake up at 4am. I know what you’re thinking: WHAT?! Why would anyone ever wake up that early? It’s not even really morning yet! Morning doesn’t start until 5 at the earliest.

You are correct. Everything you’ve just thought is correct. Alas, my employer feels that, to be productive, those of us working Planograms need to be in the store no later than 5am. When I did this very same job for another employer many moons ago, our shifts started at 6. This has been a lesson in expectations, specifically not having them.

Today, however, I have a day to myself.

I have a pile of canning supplies to my right, a wooden skeleton on the coffee table in front, and bundles of fabric and paper upstairs. I certainly do not want to venture out of the house and go to my place of employ to purchase any supplies, so I am staying here. But with so many options, I feel paralyzed!

I need to work on birthday gifts; Christmas is already seeing some progress, but I’ve got three five special days betwixt then and now, and I’ve got f-all to show for it.

The challenge is actually choosing an activity and doing it. Without getting sucked into another Doctor Who marathon. Which reminds me: no TARDIS update. It seems my plan of crafty living with a part time job is failing. But, honestly, who feels like crafting when they’ve been awake since 4am and must get to bed by 8?! Not me. I’m just exhausted and confused most of the time.

But I have a day off. Now what?