Super Birthday Valance: I am too tired to write a witty title

Eric and I drove to Lake Odessa today to visit with him mom, her boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s family. It was a lovely time, and they are lovely people who live in a lovely home. They had lake access. They have a barbeque. We ate like royalty, went fishing, and enjoyed the company of some very sweet dogs.

I am surprisingly tired.

But before we left this morning, I whipped out that leftover Spider Man fabric, and I made a valance to round out the sewing for my brother’s Super Birthday Project. With the exception of the fabric being a bit uneven on the bottom when I started, this was an extremely easy part of the project.

I cut the fabric toward the bottom, so that I had three sewn edges and only had to make the loop for the curtain rod. I even managed to straighten out the fabric while I did this. All together, it took about thirty minutes. Then I cleaned up the area and put the valance with the other projects.

I have one final idea for the project, and I am going to work on that now before bed. I should be completely finished by Monday, which means it will ship in time to arrive by the special day.

I am feeling very accomplished, having sewn a curtain (despite the rather silly yardage error), a valance, a pillow, and put together a no-sew fleece throw. That means that I have added two sewing projects to my “tried it” list, and another general craft there as well.

Also before we left, I made a dish to bring with us to the get-together. Usually I make an easy tomato salad (tomatoes, cucumber, red wine vinegar, oil, and salt), but I only had one cucumber, and I wasn’t sure it would be enough. In order to make it a little less tomato heavy, I cooked up some rotini really fast, used two tomatoes to make some fresh sauce, and I added some spices to make a sort of pasta salad. It was quite tasty.

I am off to draw some stuff. Almost forgot! Here is the eye candy:

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