Twofer Tuesday 1: Site Review, Geek Crafts [dot] Com

Since I am so new to crafting, I must steal [read: borrow] ideas from the web. But, I mean, that’s what they’re there for, right? And I find a lot of great ideas and projects for the likes of me.

A real bonus is when I can find projects that also satisfy my inner geek. This might be the newspaper print nails I did for my wedding or Doctor Who etched pint glasses. For the record the nails came out…okay…and the pint glasses I am afraid to try, but they are suitably geeky.

So when I stumbled upon Geek Crafts, my  little geek heart went pitter patter with joy. It is pretty much what it sounds like – a website with geeky crafts highlighted.

There were some great ideas on there. I won Daredevil #1 (1993) on Ebay yesterday, so I was looking specifically for some comic book crafts. There are 16 pages of comic-book inspired crafts, and I ogled many of them. With the Avengers movie out now, it was rife with Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, and even Black Widow. Nice.

But there are also categories for Anime, Video Games, and even History. If you have a geek bone, you can likely find a craft to scratch it.

However, do not go in search of specific how-to guides because you might not find it. Also be aware that the posts are links to other sites, which, again, means that it might not always come with a how-to.

Of course, if you’re an awesome crafter, then you probably already know how to do a lot of that. For me, the craftily challenged, I usually need something else to go on. Now, of course, I am able to take an idea and find other resources – in fact, I enjoy it – but if you need one stop, you might want to look elsewhere.

I will still be using this site for inspiration though.

Let the geek crafts BEGIN!


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