Living a Line

It's really easy with a low speed
Here was one of my first lines on a low speed setting

One of the first sewing projects in my Sew Everything Workshop book is to “sew” on paper. It is a project you can do without winding a bobbin or threading the machine, and it is meant to show you how to sew in a straight line.

This is what I learned on three sheets of paper:

  1. The paper/fabric has a tendency to pull to the left on my machine
  2. The fast the speed, the more it pulls
  3. Straight lines are easier if I put the edge of the paper/fabric against the 2/8th in mark (there is a screw in the plate that makes it easy to guide)
  4. If you can do a straight line, you can do a corner, and then a box
  5. If you cannot do a straight line, it does not make curved lines any easier

I have three pages, like I mentioned, with many straight lines, a few boxes, and a few curves. I scribbled notes on the ones that did not work out great.

I am going to give this threadless sewing another try before moving on to winding a bobbin. I am sure that I am making it scarier than it really is…

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