Twofer Tuesday 1: Mmmmmanicotti

Eric specifically requested some sort of baked pasta this week for a dinner, and in the interest of doing something new, I decided to make “manicotti.” Of course because it is a weeknight, and because I have been feeling a bit lazy lately, technically what I made was cannelloni, but who’s keeping track, am I right?

This was amazingly easy. Mostly because I cut a lot of corners.

I boiled the pasta for about 7 minutes, just a little under cooking it. I only made half the box.

I beat an egg and mixed ricotta, mozzarella, and parmigiana in a bowl while the pasta cooked.

I stuffed the pasta shells with the cheese/egg mixture, added some broccoli to the pan, and covered it with canned tomato sauce.

Baked for about 45 minutes while we went out for a run, and DONE!

I give it a B+. I have a lot of leftover cheese mix, so I might make some more this week and give them away. Or something.

Stuffing cheese into the pasta. Mmmmm!

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